6 Small Lifestyle Changes With Big Health Impact

Posted: 21 Nov, 2023 Contributor: Pallavi Jha

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With the daily hustle-bustle of life, it does get a bit difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The 9 to 5 grind makes it even more challenging because taking out time from the packed schedule is definitely not an easy task especially when you’re a newcomer who has stepped into maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the long haul.

Work and other personal commitments are so much so that instantly adding big lifestyle changes expectation may not work. However, I know a lot of people who do it and a Big Salute to them! But here we are discussing about the majority of people who find drastic changes difficult and when they are unable to complete it, the disappointment is real. You are not alone if you feel the same.

With the urge to switch to a healthier lifestyle, a lot of people often set big changes in their diet or daily regimen that may not last long. For obvious reasons, your body and mind need sometime to acquire changes. It doesn’t happen overtime, however, this is not the case when I talk about “Small Lifestyle Changes”.

Know why? Let’s dig deeper to find out.

What is The Impact of Small Changes For a Healthy Lifestyle?

You may not realise but small changes can lead to a big impact on your body, mind, and overall well-being. The best part is- they are easier to adapt over drastic changes, and maintain in the long run. As time passes by, you will gradually get used to them and won’t realise when they become your regular habit. Consistency is the key to reaping the benefits of these small changes to improve overall well-being.

Through this blog, I am going to discuss such little tweaks in your lifestyle through which you can live a healthier life in the long run. You won’t realise their benefits unless you start adapting them in your daily routine.

1. Reducing Portion Size

Reducing Portion Size

A small dietary change goes a long way to keep overall health in check. Keeping a check on the portion size for every meal increases your consciousness to eat mindfully and also helps you to avoid overeating thus aid in weight management as well. If you have started your weight loss journey, it’s incredibly essential to eat mindfully even when you’re consuming healthy food. Include more fresh and seasonal vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and protein-rich food to get the maximum health advantages. Eating fibre-rich food is another hack to curb hunger and get a fuller feeling of stomach.

2. Eat Home-style Chemical-free Meals

Home-style Chemical-free Meals

Nothing can replace the goodness of “Ghar Ka Khana”. It’s pure, delicious, and most importantly filled with the nutrients that benefit your health in so many ways. Eating homemade food gives us full transparency to stay aware of the ingredients that go inside our meals. So no need to worry about illness or any health concerns.

However, for those staying away from home, there’s an incredibly healthy option for you as well. OMKITCHEN, a Noida based organic meal service offers a range of lip-smacking home-style organic meals made with premium fresh and organic ingredients. They are extremely transparent about the sourcing, process, delivery, and all the other aspects of a food delivery service. You don’t need to compromise on the most important part of our everyday life – Food, with OMKITCHEN.

3. Spending Time With Loved Ones

Spending Time With Loved Ones
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When was the last time you poured your heart out to anyone? We’re sure a lot of you couldn’t even recall this. That’s because we don’t understand the importance of communication. One of the most changes to improve the most crucial aspect of mental health is spending quality time with your loved ones. It could be your close friend, family, parents, wife, kids or anyone you make you feel stressed out just by having a chat with them.

Don’t look for any reason good or bad to initiate conversations. Rather make it a habit and see the good change it brings to the way you feel. It gives a natural boost of mood and energy.

4. Mini Walks Post Eating

Mini Walks Post Eating
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A small lifestyle change including a quick stroll across the block when you are at work can result in a big impact on health. There are a handful of benefits you can reap out by walking post meals like better sleep, digestion, weight loss, and metabolism. In fact, walking post meals helps minimize blood sugar spikes according to The New York Times because sugar typically rises and falls post-eating.

Don’t keep the walking intensity high if you experience any sort of discomfort by walking immediately post-meal. Walking at a slow pace for a 10-15mins walk is also great.

5. Replace Refined Sugar With Healthy Sugar

Replace Refined Sugar With Healthy Sugar
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We all have a sweet tooth and there’s nothing wrong with that. By now, everybody is fully aware of the fact that high sugary food filled with refined sugar that we eat through a variety of food items, particularly processed food wreaks havoc to our health in so many ways. But the urge to consume sugar is unparalleled. Sugar addiction is for real. You only need to learn how to curb your sweet cravings with guilt-free sweet recipes.

However, a small change like replacing refined sugar with natural sugar alternatives is really helpful because, through this healthy change, you can enjoy sweet food guilt-free. Using jaggery, maple syrup, coconut sugar, dry fruits, nuts, and organic Sulphur-free sugar is a good-to-go to achieve a healthy lifestyle in the long run while not compromising on the taste buds.

6. Ditch Your Phone Before Bed

Ditch Your Phone Before Bed
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Phone has become one of the most important asset of our life. You may not realise but using the phone while you’re about to go to bed is the worst possible thing you can do for your health. Scrolling endlessly through Instagram will keep you awake and affect your sleep later on.

This habit can break the entire day when you wake up with a bad mood and energy levels. It will impact your overall health. For this reason, limit the screen time and also keep the phone away an hour before going to bed. No distraction, No Negative impact on health, as simple as that.

7. Say No To Soda or Aerated Drinks

Say No To Soda or Aerated Drink
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Choosing healthier alternatives over soda reduces sugar intake, aids weight management, and precent dental issues, keeps you hydrated,  enhances skin, boosts energy, and supports overall well-being.

Small change in beverage choices lead to significant health benefits, promoting a balanced lifestyle. So, choose natural & healthy drinks like fresh juices, coconut water, homemade buttermilk which contributes to long-term health, emphasizing the impact of mindful choices on our well-being

Final Thoughts

Slowly and steadily wins the race. We are sure you must have read this popular idiom numerous times in your lifetime. The exciting part is- it is still applicable in your life. Making slow and small lifestyle changes like those mentioned above can make a huge difference in your life. Just be consistent because you can’t achieve good health in a day. It surely takes some time but so worth it. If there’s any such impact of small change in your lifestyle. We would love to know in the comments below!!

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