5 Effective Tips to Revamp Your Life After Lockdown

Posted: 3 Jun, 2020 Contributor: Shraddha Thakur


The Coronavirus has left us in a situation that we never even thought was possible. It will take a long time to contain this virus on a global scale, while many are still fighting to control the effects of the pandemic. Sooner or later we will overcome this situation and everything will be back on track but getting back to routine ways of life is a difficult prospect.

Of course, we cannot say that it will be the same as before. As is now the case, we have to learn to live with Coronavirus. This statement is true and when we get back to our offices and work-places we have to have some newly developed habits already in place. So, what are these exactly and how we will revamp our lives after lockdown? We will be discussing all of these matters in this article.

Life In The Time Of Lockdown

The lockdown has taught us a new way of living. We were never accustomed to working everyday from our homes and taking extra care of ourselves. We never gave the required importance to hand washing and maintaining distance from the person who does not feel well. Anyhow, we now are doing all of this and it is the key to survival.

Staying home has helped to control the spread of coronavirus but this is a measure that cannot be practised forever. We will be expected to find ways of working and living outside of our homes alone. So, all you need for this is a good reboot plan. A few ground rules before you get back to your routine. You can make your own as per your situations, but here are some very common and necessary ones to ensure the virus doesn’t hit again in a second wave.

Tips to Revamp Your Life after Lockdown

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Getting back to the schedule after months of staying at home would be a full-fledged task for any of us. From the level of difficulty involved with getting used to an office schedule to the fear of the virus reappearing again. So, here we are, with some effective tips for you to start your life after lockdown.

1. Rejoin Your Routine

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One of the many issues when our offices reopen, is to get accustomed to a new routine again. Getting up early in the morning, being ready, and commuting to our respective offices will be different than before. No doubt, that a lot of us may find it difficult but you need to plan ahead and ensure you’re ready to deal with the situation.

Clear your mind, and plan properly. Prepare your belongings a night before and start your day early to avoid the morning hustle. Indulge in some quick workouts to avoid lethargy and eat a nice, warm, home-made meal for breakfast. Leave your house with plenty of time to spare and maintain an appropriate distance from your co-passengers.

2. Say No To Gatherings

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Along with weddings and parties, try to avoid all kinds of get-togethers. It is not the right time to catch up with old friends and enjoy meeting people the way you used to. Hanging out at places with friends and colleagues should be avoided at all cost. Any kind of event, conference or meeting that is not completely necessary is not worth the risk at this time to either yourself or to others.

3. Focus On Hygiene

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We all know the importance of good and proper hygiene right now but you have to be even more careful when you are in and around your workplace. Always, wash your hands with soap and water or use sanitizer after you touch a doorknob, elevator button of any other handle. Do not shake hands or hug people. We are all aware of the situation, no one will be offended by it. Also, try not to use office cutlery, and if you do, then wash it yourself thoroughly before and after use.

4. Maintaining the Distance

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While lockdown may be over, that does not mean that things are completely safe and back to normal. Social-distancing is still the mantra. So, maintain an appropriate distance from your colleagues and if you take the staircase, try not to touch the railing. If you do, and even if you do not, just wash your hands as soon as you reach your office before even having a glass of water. Make sure that you follow the guidelines regarding social distancing, both on your way to work and when you are in the office or workplace.

5. Commute With Caution

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If you are someone who commutes by public transport, then you need to be especially careful. You are entering a vehicle that has been touched by many people. So, the best way is to take a hundred percent precaution and wear protective face covers, such as a mask. Use protective gloves and keep a sanitizer handy. If possible, use a digital mode of payment instead of paying in cash and wash your hands as soon as you reach your destination.

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Precaution and proper hygiene measures are a must even long after the lockdown ends. If we are going back to our normal routines, we need to realign ourselves according to the situation. Create a safety kit for yourself including a face mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer. Use all of it effectively to avoid the likelihood of you either catching the virus or spreading it to others.


The lockdown situation will be over soon. A lot of us will be out on the roads to rejoin our work-places and this is a reason itself to celebrate. But, there is still a risk if not rejoined with a little mindfulness. Follow the distancing rules. Avoid all kinds of unnecessary physical contacts and join the modern civilization of face-masks, sanitizers and hand-washing. We will get through this together if we continue practising the above rule even after lockdown.

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