6 Ways To Celebrate New Year “Sustainably”

Posted: 7 Dec, 2023 Contributor: Rashi Chaudhary

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New Year is barely a month away, and we just can’t keep calm. The end of a year is always exciting and emotional. Exciting because there are so many new things that the new year awaits. Some new resolutions, new trips, new cities, new jobs could be any new thing. While for those who had a roller coaster ride in the past year. It is normal to feel a rainbow of emotions at year-end. But as we know every end is a new beginning. Let’s be grateful for everything that we had in 2023.

Whatever you may feel, the urge to celebrate New Year with loved ones is constant. Since you are here, hopefully, you are one of them too. There is so much planning involved in celebrating the new year with family or friends. Decoration, dress, food, gifting, and the list goes on. But the top questions still remain finding interesting and unique ways to celebrate New Year.

Every year we want to do something different. So, this year, let’s do something different not just for yourself but for the planet as a whole. Let’s give back to the earth by celebrating a more sustainable New Year. Don’t worry, you don’t need to make big arrangements for it. A handful of easy-peasy mindful tips will help you for a sustainable New Year’s celebration.

Why “Sustainable” Celebrations for New Year is a Good Idea?

sustainable new year's celebration
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Celebrating New Year sustainably is crucial for environmental well-being. As an individual one must do their bit to help support the planet. This mindful celebration promotes long-term ecological balance for the environment, future generations, plants, animals, and our home – “Mother Earth”. Opting for eco-friendly practices contributes to a happier & healthier planet.

And, for this reason, New Year’s is a good occasion to indulge in eco-friendly practices to say goodbye to the past year and welcome the new one with a bang! As you look forward to celebrate new year with family and friends, here’s something that you can do.

1. Enjoy Organic Food Menu

Enjoy Organic Food Menu

Food is the main element of any celebration. It is the part that we all look forward to celebrate any occasion. Good luck because OMKITCHEN, a leading provider of lip-smacking organic homestyle meals is a sustainable brand. Know how?

  • We use seasonal and locally produced organic vegetables from our partnership
  • We are also slowly becoming self-reliant by growing vegetables on our own farm thus being more sufficient in Farm-to-Plate model.
  • We also use environmental friendly packaging to deliver our food i.e. food grade glass tiffin or sugarcane bagasse plates.
  • Our cutlery is also Bamboo which is reusable and handmade.
  • Our food is made when the orders are received thus preventing food waste. The kitchen staff is also well-trained in proper composting techniques.

Consuming organic food is not only a step towards a greener planet but a tremendous healthy change that you could do for yourself to stay healthy and strengthen your immune system in the long run. You can also encourage the organic produce growers and that’s how can support the “Mother Earth”.

2. Get Creative With Eco-Friendly Decorations

Eco-Friendly Decorations
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The dreamy and aesthetic decorations on Instagram reels are enough to tempt us. But this is when you need to think “Hatke”. Instead of buying plastic or paper decoration items use the leftover wrapping papers or other party décor ideas of the past. Recycled paper, old newspapers, even fabric scraps, or indoor plants, all you need is to get creative. You are just a search away to find numerous DIY décor made out of waste. So, if you’re throwing a party don’t need to stress over it. Save money and time too!

It’s also alright to celebrate a party without decoration. It never has to look fancy to feel fancy. When you have good company and food, you will obviously feel good inside out.

3. Repeat Your Outfit

Repeat Your Outfit
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It’s 2024!! Okay, almost!! Can we normalize repeating outfits, please? If you don’t know it already, you will be glad to know that repeating outfits is a sustainable way of styling because it minimizes textile waste and reduces your carbon footprint.  And sure, when celebrities like Alia Bhatt rewears a saree on such a huge platform at the Rashtrapati Bhavan while receiving the Best Actress National award recently. Why Not you? After all, when you love a certain outfit, why can’t we wear it more than once?

4. Don’t Burst Firecrackers

Don’t Burst Firecrackers
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When the clock strikes midnight, a lot of people shoot off fire cracks which are a big harm to not only the environment but animals and people too. We have already been through severe air pollution levels in recent times, especially after Diwali. So, let’s not worsen the condition more.

Considering a sustainable New Year celebration, give a tight hug to your family and friends, video call your long-distance lovers, or send digital New Year wish messages. Above all, it’s the simple thing that matters not the loud sound of crackers which eventually results in air pollution.

5. Opt Mindful Gifting

Opt Mindful Gifting

Looking for the right New Year gifts to make your friends and family happier in 2024? Well, by opting for organic sweets you can not only support sustainable agriculture and help protect the environment but also encourage others to support organic and healthy living. Organic sweets also make a great option if consumed in moderate portions for those cutting back on refined sugar or suffering from any chronic illness like diabetes/obesity.

If you choose to gift the experiences, concert tickets, a spa day voucher, membership to healthy meal service or natural juices, Gym membership also makes great sustainable options. This is among the best ways to celebrate New Year. Trust us!

6. Make “Sustainable” Resolutions

Sustainable Resolutions
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Make your New Year resolutions sustainable too. Making resolutions is a good idea to start a New Year on a positive and healthy note. Think about what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Well, we have a few ideas that may help you.

  • Buy locally to support the local economy and your community as a whole
  • Support a start-up to grow
  • Avoid single-use plastics
  • Shop from thrift stores and don’t follow “Fast Fashion”
  • Switch to organic living from meals to sweets, cosmetics, and if possible sustainable fashion brands too
  • Educate yourself more about sustainability and be an advocate to transfer the knowledge to your peer group
  • Try to use more public transportation than private

Take a slow start and don’t rush in. Every new thing takes some time to adapt. Make sure the urge to stick to resolutions does not impact your mental health, it should rather encourage you and keep you positive towards living a healthy life.

Final Thoughts

As we celebrate the beginning of a New Year, let's commit to making choices that benefit both ourselves and the planet. By adopting sustainable practices in our New Year's celebrations, we contribute to a healthier environment and inspire others to do the same ensuring a brighter and greener future for all.

If you are looking for a people focused and health centric catering service in Delhi/NCR, try OMKITCHEN catering service. It is committed to hygienic, high-quality, and nutritious organic food. Let’s change the world for the better. A Very Happy and Healthy New Year in advance!

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