5 Corporate Diwali Gifts To Leave An Unforgettable Impression

Posted: 7 Oct, 2023 Contributor: Rashi Chaudhary

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The most-favourite time of the year, Diwali is approaching fast. The Festival of Light is an occasion that every age group enjoys be it kids, adults or old age people. There’s so much happiness around. Preparations started months ago. It has eventually become a tradition for years to clean the house in honour of welcoming the homecoming of Shri Ram. Houses are all decked-up. Markets are full of Diwali based decorations, and other festival essentials.

People come together, indulge in various traditional delicacies, put on their best of ethnic wear, make rangoli, and most importantly exchange gifts. Well, I know that you have been reading for years but this is something which I am sure everybody feels excited about every year.

I can easily recall the time as a Kid when we used to visit our friends and family's houses to exchange gifts and have a gala time with each other. Honestly, this was among the most exciting parts of this festive season. After all, who doesn’t like receiving gifts?

Now that I have grown up, the essence of gifting remains the same however besides family or friends, office gifts have also become a thing. As much as we like Diwali celebrations at home, Diwali party at our workplaces is something that all the working professionals look forward to. Obviously, we spend most of our time of our day at our respective workplaces so celebrating with our colleagues is a must-have for Diwali celebrations and so is sharing gifts.

As you’re here, chances are that you’re also looking for unique Diwali corporate gifts which you can share with your colleague, your team, or the organization as a whole!

If you don’t have any plans yet. Here’s why you must have one!

What is The Benefit of Sharing Diwali Gifts For Employees?

Benefit of Sharing Diwali Gifts For Employees
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Our workplaces are just like our second home. Gifting unique Diwali gifts to each other is the best opportunity to strengthen professional bonds and work with each other more effectively and productively. If you’re someone who finds it difficult to bond with your team members, this is the perfect way to break the ice.

Moreover, being a part of an IT firm, I can vouch that the feeling of receiving unique corporate Diwali gifts is truly unmatchable. You definitely feel excited, valued, and happy inside out. The employees will also share this with their friends or family, and this way you get a free promotion too. It will create a brand image of yours. And people would be excited to be a part of such an organization that puts too much effort into gift sharing, which could be a small thing for others.

Now, as the market is full of Diwali special gifts, it can befuddle you to decide what to pick that your co-worker, team leader, member, or the whole company will absolutely love.

Don’t fret!! I am here to help you out:

Through this blog, I will share the 5 best corporate Diwali gifts which are sure to leave a long-lasting impression! They are unique, personalized, and specially created considering the corporate sharing.

Keep reading to find out!

1. For The Sweet Tooth’s: Organic Sweets Box

Organic Sweets Box

Gone are the days when people were not considered about the quality of any food item they are eating. So, I have come up with the best option which is – Organic and chemical-free. Yes!! Gifting a gourmet hamper of assorted organic sweets makes for a great gift idea for anyone who is conscious about the small things in life and for society. It’s also a wonderful gift to show others how much you care about them.

OMKITCHEN’s luxurious and minimal gift box is overflowing with delicious organic sweets made with absolutely no chemicals or refined sugar, sure to tantalize their taste buds. This organic food hamper comes in eco-friendly beautiful packaging containing a variety of organic sweets including kaju katli, Kaju Pista Roll, Paan laddus, Kaju Anjeer Sandwich, dry fruits barfi, etc..

P.S.- You can customise the box as per your requirement. Combine it with a handwritten note writing your feelings or wishes to everyone you’re gifting. This will give a personalized touch and something to remember. A beautiful jute bag to put the sweet box is also recommended.

2. For The Fitness Enthusiasts: Juice Pack

Juice Pack
Image Source: Created by Canva

Juices are yet another popular pick when it comes to Diwali gifting. Juices are loved by all. But there’s a catch. Instead of gifting juices loaded with artificial sweeteners, chemicals, and other adulterations, you should choose pure, fresh & chemical-free cold-pressed juices like OMJOOS cold-pressed juices.

Cold-pressed juices are the hot trend in town. Fitness freaks, health enthusiasts, and even celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Jacqueline Fernandez can be seen advertising and tweeting the immense benefits of drinking cold-pressed juices. The best thing about OMJOOS is, that they are freshly made to keep the taste and nutrition intact which is not the case of canned juices widely available during Diwali. Also, juice gets delivered in beautiful glass bottles so that people can carry it wherever they want.

You can easily club an indoor plant with the Juice hamper as a symbol of purity and that can easily be placed either on a working desk or at home.

3. For The Multi-Taskers: Multipurpose Gift Box

Multipurpose Gift Box
Image Source:Freepik

When I talk about multi-tasking, you know somebody or another who is good at juggling things in their town. Making breakfast, checking emails, listening to news podcasts or training the juniors. We all know such people who can do a lot of things simultaneously with much ease and perfection.

That’s why Diwali gifts for such employees have to be unique and symbolize their personality. A multi-purpose gift box will make a good option for such employees. A sustainably wrapped box with a personalized diary, pen, laptop stand, and a jar of assorted healthy & chemical-free snacks is good to support and encourage their spirit. It’s a thoughtful gift that they will surely love.

4. For The Devotees: Pooja Samagri Box

Pooja Samagri Box
Image Source: Created by Canva

A very close colleague of mine is a big worshiper of goddess Lakshmi. Although we all are, I am sure you know someone who devotes extra time and effort to worship. Therefore, it is a thoughtful idea to give them a box of Pooja Samagri that is too organic.

Put agarbatti, camphor, wicks, kumkum, and eco-friendly diyas in this Pooja box and ensure they are free of chemicals and do not contain artificial fragrances. This is something they will surely cherish. Trust me!

5. For The Divas: Beauty Hamper

Beauty Hamper
Image Source:Sofiyabolotinaphotos via Canva

Gifting skincare products for Diwali is a great idea for the women of your group or organization. It promotes employee wellness and demonstrates a commitment to their health. Just ensure using products which are natural, organic, herbal, ayurvedic, cruelty-free, and chemical-free so that it won’t cause any side effects.

It is such a thoughtful gesture that enhances their skin health. This unique and eco-conscious gift shows care for both employees and the environment, aligning with the spirit of the festival.

Final Thoughts

Diwali is the most beautiful time of the year across the nation. And, to make your office Diwali beautiful, sharing something or other from the above highlighted best corporate Diwali gifts list is a great idea. All of the gift ideas shared above make employees happy and encourage them to care for the planet and create a long-lasting bond.

So this festive season, gift healthy Diwali gifts and add more joy to your office Diwali party!

Wish you all a very happy and joyous Diwali celebration in advance!

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