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Organic Vegetable Fruits Organic Pulses & Grains Organic Spices/Oil
Items Items Items Items
Potato - 41/kg Organic Pomegranate (Late Aug-Jan)- 200/kg Tuar Dal- 155/kg Haldi Powder - 250/kg
Onion - 49/kg Organic Mosambi (Sep-Nov) - 120/kg Chana Dal - 135/kg Dhaniya Powder- 230/kg
Tomato -65/kg Organic Kinnow (Nov-Jan) - 110/kg Moong Sabut Dhaniya Sabut- 300/kg
Lemon - 100/kg Organic Apple -280/kg Moong Dal Split Green Red Chili Powder - 250/kg
Amla - 85/kg Hill Plum seasonal Urad Dal Split - 130/kg Meethi Dana - 170/kg
Pahadi Arbi - 88/kg Pineapple - 100/pc Urad Whole Dal - 110/kg Jeera - 400/kg
Others Kiwi - 150/ 5 pc Black Masoor Dal - 100/kg Tej Patta - 500/kg
Natural Honey - 1000/Kg Mandarin - 280/kg Black Chana - 95/kg Black Pepper - 440/kg
Honey Bee Pollen - 750/250 gm Banana – 10/pc Chole - 90/kg Ginger Powder - 150/kg
Chamomile Tea - 200/pack Red Rajma (Chitra) - 150/kg Raw Turmeric - 80/kg
Gur - 90/kg Millets - 110/kg Raw Ginger - 150/kg
Rice - 150/kg Garlic - 150/kg
Wheat - 70/kg Long -2000/kg
Wheat Flour -85/kg Daalchini - 800/kg
Makke ka Atta - 65/kg Rai - 90/kg
Mustard Oil - 180/lit

Farmer's product

We are proud of our farmers who bring the best for your health. They are the lifeline of our endeavour to uphold a philosophy of healthy eating. We are committed to bring handpicked products from our farmers directly to you. Each farmer listed here goes through a tough selection process. Their products are lab-tested and tasted by our own chefs before we recommend them to you. Go ahead and take your pick.

Producer Product
Kruthika Group, Manikantaswamy Millet Dosa Mix
Puja Organic, Eshwaran P Theertha Herbal Tea
Puja Organic, Eshwaran P Theertha Burnt Onion Chutney
Puja Organic, Eshwaran P Theertha Puliogare Rice
Puja Organic, Eshwaran P Theertha Mabzi Masala Mix
Rural Entreprise, Jyoti Aalo, Mint, Daal Papad
Rashu Priya Mushroom, Kuldeep Singh Mushroom Papad
Indian Sisters Kitchen Ragi cookies
Banyan Roots, Rohit Jain Ragi cookies
Ragi cookies
Mithila Organic Agro Products Makhana Powder
Kokum Sharbat
Kokum Lip Balm
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