Here’s Why I Avoid Going Out In The Summer

Posted: 25 Apr, 2022 Contributor: Rashi Chaudhary

Summer- is the season which I eagerly wait for its arrival. And, I am sure most people are expected to feel the same. The blue & clear skies, warming summer breeze, and most importantly the freedom to walk around without wearing layers of clothes, there’s so much to love about summers. Isn’t it?

However, as they say, there are two sides to the same coin, the same implies this hot weather too. Along with the many advantages of this sweet and pleasant season, there are a few bad things that make it tough to step outside the house and have a little fun time.

I truly believe that there must be many people out there who have the same dislike of stepping out in this extreme weather like me. And, I hear you all! This blog will share a few of the things only we know is true.

But, if you don’t, keep reading to know and maybe you will also start loving staying indoors in this hot & humid temperature, and prioritize your health all summer long!

Exposure to Heat Waves

First things first, exposure to heat for a very long time can cause dehydration, exhaustion, heatstroke, heat cramps, muscle weakness, and many other heat related illnesses. People need to pay attention to these signs and symptoms that sometimes can lead to serious conditions as well. Surprisingly, not just extreme heat but moderate heat can also place individuals at risk. There isn’t any bigger reason than this for choosing not to step out when the sun is at its peak.

Sweating and Humidity

A lot of us wait to wear our favourite summer dress, put on makeup, and style our hair with Dyson but the moment you step out, all of the efforts that you had put in go into vain. Because of the humidity, your hair will get flat, makeup will melt off, and most of you will get sweat patches too. It’s also a real struggle to commute to work in this weather, either you’re travelling by bus, metro, or car. Also when you wake up in the morning, all drenched in sweat, and rush to the washroom for a cold shower. I don’t mean sweating is not good, but it does feel, stinky, and smelly.

Summer Skin Problems

When the air is hot and humid, the skin gets prone to acne breakouts and feels dry or irritated. Blocked sweat glands can give rise to skin rashes and tiny itchy red bumps. These skin problems can easily damper your fun. Although there are ways to protect skin from the sun, it’s better to have fun indoors to let the skin breathe than step out. You just need to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen indoors, and you’re good to go!

No more “Outdoor Seating’s”

Who doesn’t love open air cafes and restaurants to grab a quick bite with your loved ones? The sweeping open spaces and dazzling lights are also perfect for a date. But, when the temperature is 38 degrees, can you imagine going for outdoor dining? Sounds horrible, right? I also don’t enjoy the big outdoor fans with the buzzing sound. I am sure most people will agree, yes of course not the summer-loving ones!

Annoying Bugs & Insects

From mosquitoes to bees, ants, and so on, bugs and insects get super active when the temperature rises. They can be a big problem when you step out of the house. Especially mosquitoes that are linked with serious ideas like Malaria or Dengue, which can actually be quite dangerous. So, it’s better to avoid going outdoors at dusk and dawn to save yourself from getting bitten by infectious mosquitoes

Use repellents that create protection against these deadly insects and wear long sleeves clothes to protect yourself before going to bed.

The Constant feeling of “Irritation”

All of the cases that I have mentioned above are enough to make us feel bothered everytime we step out of the house, I can at least give surety of myself. Everything seems annoying and unbearable when the weather is rising like anything. For this reason, it’s always a nice idea to stay indoors when the temperature is soaring up, watch your favourite Netflix show, and enjoy delicious lunch from this organic tiffin service OMKITCHEN for home-style lip-smacking organic meals.

Also, apply layers of sunscreen, cover your face/ hands properly, and stay hydrated while travelling to work, because that’s something we can’t avoid.

Final Thoughts

Summer is upon us and things are heating up! Whether you are going through summer blues or not, all you can do is, avoid stepping out during the extreme heat as much as you can if you wish to avoid the above consequences that can hamper your health. Don’t forget to take a healthy summer diet to keep up with good health all summer long. 

Let me know your stance about going out in the summers. Comment down your thoughts below!

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