Here’s Why You Should Be Drinking A2 Gir Cow Milk

Posted: 23 Dec, 2022 Contributor: Rashi Chaudhary

What does the first thing that comes to your mind when you heard of “Milk”? For most of us, it is our childhood days when our mothers used to force us to drink a glass of milk, and for good reasons. There is no denying the fact that milk is highly nutritious and an essential part of the Indian household. Being rich in calcium, protein, minerals, and important vitamins, Milk has abundant properties to benefit your overall health. Other milk products like Curd, Ghee, Cheese, Buttermilk, Sweets, etc. are also readily consumed by people of all age groups.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to adulterate the quality of milk and as its demand has increased over the past couple of decades so does the rate of adulteration. You will find a plethora of news articles surfacing on the web regarding milk adulteration every now and then. It increases during the festival season when the suppliers want to make more money by risking people’s health.

What is Milk Adulteration?

The addition of some toxic chemicals like detergent, caustic soda, white paint, or refined oil is used to adulterate the milk primarily to increase the shelflife and quantity, to make it thick, etc. which adversely affects health in so many ways.

Given below are some of the many ill effects associated with milk adulteration:

  • It is linked to asthma problems
  • It may cause kidney failure
  • It may damage liver health
  • It may lead to nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea

Majorly A1 milk which is widely available consumed and sold at a cheaper price. You can’t ensure whether the milk you’re consuming is chemical-free or not. And, that’s when premium organic A2 Gir cow milk comes into the scene. It is pure, nutritious, and a perfect addition to benefit your health in so many incredible ways. Keep reading to find out!

What is A2 Gir Cow Milk?

First things first, as the name suggests A2 milk is produced by A2 cows that only have A2 beta-casein protein. To simplify, two kinds of protein A1 and A2 are present in the milk and differ from each other by single amino acid. This slight chemical composition difference makes A2 cow milk much healthier than A1 milk.

Indian Desi breeds like Tharpakar, Gir, and Sahiwal are great producers of A2 milk having A2 beta-casein, however, Gir cows are the best out of them as they yield high-quality A2 milk with less feeding.

Let’s read some benefits of A2 Gir Cow Milk below:

  • It boosts immunity
  • It helps in improving eye-sight
  • It promotes fat loss
  • It helps maintains cholesterol levels
  • It helps in reducing acidity
  • It keeps you fresh and hydrated
  • It is a great substitutive for people who are intolerant to lactose
  • Brimming with calcium, it makes bone and teeth stronger
  • It contains vitamins A, D, and B12 which are essential for the functioning of the overall health for all age group
  • Every sip of milk is pure and nutritious if the cows aren’t treated with any antibiotics or hormones

That being said, it is not necessary that every brand providing A2 Gir cow milk is fit for consumption. They may be not treated well and feed with chemical-infused fodder. Certain supplier also gives antibiotics and adulterate the milk. Therefore, you need to take a smart decision, do your research, and choose a reliable and authentic brand like OMDAIRY which is actually the best across town!


OMDAIRY, a part of More Orgo Pvt. Ltd. is providing fresh and 100% natural dairy (A2 Gir Cow Milk) in Delhi & NCR. A trial period of over two years was conducted to evaluate the natural production of DNA-tested Gir cows to ensure the quality of A2 Gir Cow milk, Gir Cow Butter Milk, Gir Cow Ghee, and Gir Cow White Butter and Curd.

Here are some other incredible benefits of choosing OMDAIRY dairy products over others:

  • 100% chemical-free dairy produce from the desi indigenous Gir cows
  • Produced and stored under hygienic conditions
  • Fresh organic milk is immediately chilled in our sustainable Milk Glass bottle
  • Quick seamless and hygienic delivery directly from our dairy farms to your doorstep across Delhi/NCR
  • Our Gir Cows are kept under a healthy clean environment and feed on our home grown fodder grown organically with utmost care which adds to the quality of the produce
  • We take our cows for a walk in the sun so that they get the sun’s energy and the same can be channelized in the quality of their milk.

That’s how much the cattle are being loved and taken care of. It is certainly not just a making money business, but to provide nutritional, vitamin-rich, and healthy alternative to those who find it difficult to digest A1 milk and a substitute to get the maximum benefits of A2 milk.

For more order related queries, please do not hesitate to give a call or drop message at 8882210294

Final Thoughts

Given the times we are in where mixing approach and risking people’s health from infants to adults is common, the time to pick healthier alternatives has come. It is certainly the right decision to stay fit and in shape all year long and considering the immense benefits of A2 Gir Cow milk which we have shared above, you know nothing would be better than making this healthy cow milk a part of your daily diet in milk or its other related products.

You can also check the quality of milk at home using some home milk test or milk test kits which are easily available near you. These kits might be a little pricey but at least you can avoid the risk of health hazards in the future by spending now than later on medical bills.

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