Working From Home? Follow These Rules to Stay Productive

Posted: 17 Apr, 2020 Contributor: Shraddha Thakur

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As we always try to balance our work and personal life, it has now become even more complicated due to the current scenario.

Most of the population is now working from home with a reduced exposure to the outside environment.

Some people may enjoy this opportunity to be with their family while they are still able to complete their work effectively. While some may be finding it hard to find the right balance in their life.

We all are stuck inside our homes during these gloomy times of the Coronavirus pandemic and it is obviously good to stay home in order to stay safe.

How is Work from Home Different?

Imagine your couch or bed is your work station! Your commute time is from your bed to your living room and your complete kitchen is your office pantry. Sounds like a dream right? A dream that a lot of us are living right now.

No more Monday blues. No more regular fight with the traffic or to travel on the crowded Metro. It’s all right in front of you. Your complete office.

If you are curious about how working from home can be different from your office, then let’s explore some of the common differences.

1. Your mood is your workstation

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While in the office, a specific place, desk or computer is allotted to you and you are supposed to sit there while working. On the other hand, when working from home, you can create your workspace wherever you want. It could be your bed, chair, sofa, or bathroom. Nobody is judging you.

2. No extra hours of commute

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Taxis, metros or cars. However you might commute, it takes time to reach your office from your home and then back again. Working from home means you do not have to go anywhere, just wake up in the morning, get fresh and start working without any hassle.

3. Flexible working hours

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Working at the office means you are bound to sit and work for 8-9 hours in a go. But, while working from home, you easily can adjust the time duration and take short breaks as per your comfort level without compromising on work quality.

4. Eat whatever you Want

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We are always hungry while we work and we tend to eat whatever we have in our office snack drawer.

Well, while working from home, you can eat whatever you want from your house kitchen. You can cook whatever you want and if you are a health-conscious person, then you can focus better on your healthy eating options. 

Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Working from home is not everybody's cup of tea. You might enjoy it, but some people think it’s a little less than ideal.

We do have a few relevant reasons for that. There always is another side of the coin. Working from the comfort of your own house can be a good thing for some people, and a place of distraction for others.

We have listed down some pros and cons of working from home that you can analyze for a clear idea as to whether you can do it long-term or not.


  1. No need to commute to work
  2. You can eat and take a short break whenever you want.
  3. A lot of eating options from your house pantry
  4. You can easily run errands in between, only if you know how to manage it within the break duration
  5. You can spend more time with your family members


  • No physical separation between work and personal time
  • Lack of communication with the colleague/team manager can affect the work productivity
  • Electronic communication can be a barrier sometimes.
  • Sitting all day on your couch and eating junk food at home can be an unhealthy option
  • Maintaining an office-like a daily routine at home is challenging
  • It’s a bit difficult to handle distractions at home
  • You have to find an opportunity to change your scenery

Rules to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Irrespective of what we want, we are bound to work from home for the duration of this nationwide lockdown.

That’s why it’s better to compose yourself rather than feel anxious. There are some ground rules of working from home that can help you stay productive all day. Here are some of them.

1. Make a routine

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Whether you are doing it for 2-3 weeks or for a lifetime. It can create an effect on your overall personality if not done correctly. So, build a routine. Do not just work whenever you want. Set a time for everything. Working, your meals, your breaks and other stuff during the day.

2. Start Early

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There is no place to commute when you are working from home. So, a lot of us take it as an opportunity to sleep a few more moments in the morning. Refrain from doing this; instead start your day early in the morning. Get up, get fresh, exercise a bit, get a healthy breakfast and start your work. An early beginning will help you find time between work and personal life.

3. Take Short Breaks

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Many times, when we are too comfortable on our couch or bed, we may not move even a bit and work non-stop. We already are comfortable enough right? But, do take time to have short breaks in between. It is necessary so that you do not strain your muscles and eyes with continuous sitting and exposure to the computer screen.

4. Dedicate a Space to Work

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If you are looking for a more productive experience inside your home, then set-up your own office space. Dedicate an area for your work. A desk with your computer setup, notebook, pen and a bottle of water will let you stay focused for a long time.

5. Break the Monotony

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Staying home is completely capable of acting upon your mental health. That’s why it is always suggested to change your environment. Since we are talking about these facts during the self-quarantine, then it is suggested not to go out.  You can sit on your balcony or your courtyards in the evening. This can help you change your scenes, keeping you away from monotony.

6. Eat Healthily

We are just staying at home. We are not going anywhere longer than our kitchens and bedrooms. In this situation, our eating habits can be a bit of concern. Therefore, do not keep munching on unhealthy stuff. If you do not want to come out with certain bellies created during the quarantine then supervise what you are eating. Eat fewer portions and take control of the unnecessary consumption of fried and sugary foods. Eat vegetables and whole foods cooked at home.


Coronavirus has put the world into a never-before seen crisis. But, for a lot of us, it is a golden opportunity to take a break from the fast paced world. Working from our comfortable spaces and spending plenty of time with our family is key to getting through these times. Stay productive with these easy to follow steps and create a perfect balance between work and your personal life. Eat healthy foods, take care of your mental health, keep washing hands, and stay safe indoors. We hope that together we can make these tough times manageable.

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