Holi 2024: Colourful and  Flavourful Recipes to Add Festive Cheer To Your Table

Posted: 5 Mar, 2024 Contributor: Pallavi Jha

The month of March begins with the onset of summer days and one of the most cherished festivals – Holi. This year we will be celebrating the festival of colours on 25th March 2024. The day when we all get immersed in the spirit of joy, love, and togetherness.

As much as we all await Holi to play with colours, get together with our loved ones, dancing around, one of the most important parts of this colourful festival is “Food”. Holi is incomplete without devouring into mouth-watering Holi sweets and snacks.  But, we need to be careful and carefully select such recipes to devour which don’t add extra kilos yet taste delightful.

We understand that the internet is full of Holi special recipes which may befuddle you in deciding what to pick. Therefore, we have come up with a list of Holi special recipes that taste absolutely divine and won’t hamper your health goals when devoured in moderation. Let’s get into the blog to find out!

  • Badam Kesar Thandai:

What’s a Holi celebration without some chilled and refreshing Thandai? This traditional Holi drink is a powerful booster of energy, mood, and is filled with some other health benefits. We all crave chilled beverages on Holi and there’s nothing better than Badam Kesar Thandai, which is a traditional Indian drink made with pureed almonds and milk! It is a healthy drink for kids too. Just enjoy using A2 Cow milk or Full cream milk, add whole loads of nuts, and use natural sugar alternatives like Jaggery, Honey or, Coconut Sugar and you are good to go. Else order from OMKITCHEN to get your Holi special Thandai requirement sorted!

  • Khoya Gujiya:

Having sweet Gujiya on Holi is mandatory. And to bring an interesting element to the traditional Gujiya, adding coconut makes an interesting idea. This Holi recipe requires Khoya, Coconut, Cardamom, and Pistachio stuffed in Maida pocket. This Mava Gujiya is surely going to be a hit on your Holi party menu!

  • Kala Jamun:

Kala Jamun is one of India's most popular sweet dishes and we don't want you to deprive it to add extra sweetness to this joyful festival. These deep-fried dumplings are made of dried milk (Khoya) and fried till they turn a fierce black, and dipped in a rose-cardamom flavoured sugar syrup. However, to ensure you get nothing but the best, OMSWEETS is offering Kala Jamun made with organic sugar and premium organic ingredients including fresh and chemical-free Khoya. They taste so fresh and absolutely divine.

  • Roasted Masala Cashew:

This makes yet another utterly delicious snack that cannot be easily found anywhere. They are protein-rich, flavourful, and crunchy. All you need is to buy premium quality cashews and mix them with the perfect blend of spices like l tangy amchur, salty and smoky kala namak, and toasty roasted cumin. Else, you can also get it delivered in the comfort of your home in Delhi NCR from OMKITCHEN.

  • Peri Peri Makhana:

Peri Peri Makhana is a spicy snack made with peri peri spice mix and roasted makhana. It offers a unique twist to the traditional snack. For those who love spice and tangy flavour, this snack is a perfect pick. Also, it’s incredibly healthy and full of fibre to keep you full as you look forward to get involved in the Holi madness with your friends and family. At OMKITCHEN, we make this delightful, guilt-free indulgence using premium organic phool makhana and spices that will leave you asking for more.

  • Khaman Dhokla:

As a perfect Holi snack, soft and spongy Khaman Dhokla is not just a culinary joy but a celebration of colours and taste on your festive table. It is light, spongy and includes a hint of great savoury flavour from a simple combination of gram flour (besan), spices, and herbs. It’s fluffy, and light, yet will keep your stomach full for a longer period.

  • Aalo Bonda:

This popular South Indian snack is stuffed with potatoes, seasoned with spices, and tastes truly irresistible. They are formed into a ball, covered in gram flour or chickpea flour (besan) batter and deep-fried to perfection. It makes a great snacking option to serve on Holi when paired with homemade Green chutney.

  • UP Style Dahi Vada:

Fluffy, soft, and tangy, UP Style Dahi Vada is another big hit during the Holi celebration. Vada aka dumplings are made of Urad dal dunked in creamy yoghurt and drizzled with spicy and sweet chutneys for a heavenly experience. Topped with fresh fruits like pomegranates and grapes make this delicious snack a lot tastier. Bet it will leave you wanting for more! Here is the recipe video from “Recipe Mantra” to learn how to cook Davi Vada in UP style.

  • Holi-inspired Mocktails:

Create a colourful array of mocktails which are free from chemicals, sugar or alcohol but full of health and nutrients. All you need is to choose OMJOOS, which has a wide range of natural, chemical-free and 100% fresh cold-pressed juices perfect to make Holi mocktails which are full of taste and nutrition.

Some of the natural and healthy alcohol-free mocktails that you can try to quench the thirst of your guests include

  • Strawberry Mocktail: Made with mixing strawberry juice with zest of lime juice. Add honey or maple syrup to add extra sweetness.
  • Watermelon Cooler: Mix pure cold-pressed Watermelon OMJOOS with freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Fruit Punch: With the delicious mix of orange and pineapple juice combined with sliced kiwi, lemonade or coconut water, this mocktail is perfect for everyone either adults or kids.
  • Sangria: Replace wine with pure pomegranate or cranberry juice to give the perfect red colour. Just add a whole spoonful of lime or lemon juice to give extra punch and mix it well. Top it with mint leaves or freshly cut fruits like apple or pomegranate and serve in glasses with ice
  • Green Mix: Combine hydrating cucumber, dark leafy spinach and kale full of antioxidants, with Vitamin-C enriched pineapple. You can even name them creatively, like "Rainbow Refresher" or "Holi Fizz” to add an interesting element to your Holi party or Holi Meal.

Final Thoughts

This Holi, let your table be as lively as the festivities themselves with these colourful and flavourful recipes. Whether you're hosting a grand celebration or enjoying an intimate gathering with loved ones, these holi special food and drink ideas will add a touch of magic to your Holi celebration. To make this Holi a truly memorable and delicious experience for everyone involved, contact OMKITCHEN at 8882210294 and get your Holi treats sorted!

Happy Holi in advance on behalf of the entire team of OMKITCHEN!

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