Clean and Tidy: Keep-Up Your Kitchen Hygiene With These Ideas

Posted: 29 Jul, 2020 Contributor: Shraddha Thakur

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The kitchen is the place where the most important thing about our livelihood is made. We are referring of course to food. It remains the most important thing for us, irrespective of the time and situation. No matter how big the problem in your life is, you are never expected to stop eating food. If you do that, then it’s not healthy. 

Parallel to that, another point that holds great importance in health and wellness is hygiene. And when the kitchen and hygiene are put together, you have to keep an extra eye on the measures you take. Kitchen hygiene is important and we will tell you why. Also, we will be discussing some effective ideas to maintain a clean kitchen without the need to put in any extra time on the weekends.

Why is Kitchen Hygiene Important?

In Indian traditions, it is said that God resides in a clean and hygienic kitchen. Our grandmothers would not allow us to enter the kitchen with our shoes on. Because, just like any important place, there should be no permitted entry of bacteria and germs in the kitchen premises. You cook a great meal for your family with love and care, don't you think that cleanliness in the kitchen is also an equally important aspect of all the things that you want to offer to your children and family?

Of course it is. So, we would like to share some kitchen tips and ideas with you that are easy-breezy and would save a lot of your time for the weekend-cleaning.

Effective Cleaning Methods

The kitchen is a hotspot for bacteria. You get all your raw food and store it there. The food is then cooked, and many times there are leftovers that should be kept with extra care. Your countertops see a lot of chopping, peeling and thawing. So, they need to be kept under proper surveillance. If you are planning to know the best ideas to keep your kitchen a bacteria-free zone, then we can be of great help. Let's begin with that.

1. Wash Your Hands

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We think that all of us now have understood the sheer importance of washing your hands by now. Make it a ground-rule. No food to eat or to cook without washing your hands first. Make it a habit yourself and teach your children to follow the same.

2. Store Your Food Properly

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First of all, we do not endorse excess usage of the refrigerator. Always get a fresh supply of your groceries instead of stocking-up for weeks. Prepare fresh food every time, and share the leftovers. Still, there will be a situation where you have to keep your food in the refrigerator. For that, you should know the proper way of storing your foods. Always keep them covered, so that they do not exchange the natural smells of each other. If you keep non-veg foods in your fridge, they always should be kept on the last shelf to avoid any kind of interaction with other foods.

3. Keep Your Countertops Clean

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Apart from cutting and peeling, your kitchen countertops also witnesses a lot of spilling and spreading. So, to overcome the effects of that, keep cleaning your shelves. Wipe them with a mixture of vinegar, warm water and baking soda as soon as you are done with all the kitchen tasks. This will keep them bacteria and smell-free for longer and you would not have to find extra time during weekends to just maintain your shelves.

4. Manage Your Bins Nicely

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Your bins are the collection of all the waste material from your cooking. Vegetable scraps, fruit-peels and anything else all goes in the bin. These things will start decomposing very soon. So, always take care that you dispose of your kitchen waste a little before they start stinking.

5. Clean Your Microwave

Microwaves are one of the most widely used appliances in modern kitchens. You cook in them, you heat your food in them, and they are useful for all manner of different tasks. That means, it requires extensive care and hygiene to keep it away from bacteria build-up. Keep a wipe always handy and try to use it inside the microwave, every time you use it. It sounds like a tedious task, but this will keep your microwave and kitchen clean without any later fuss.

6. Your Sink Matters

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After every cosy meal with your family, all the dishes go to your sink, straight-away. You wash them with an effective scrub and forget all about it once done. However, the thing that needs to be kept in mind is that your sink can become a breeding house of bacteria if not cleaned properly.  Every time you wash your utensils, wash your sink with soap and water. You would not like to eat from the plates that were once kept in a dirty sink, right? Do not ignore your cleaning sponges. They deserve equal attention and cleaning.


Your kitchen defines you. So, always try to keep its cleaning and organization a priority. Food smells can travel from place to place very easily. Foods themselves can invite a lot of bacteria to invade your kitchen. That’s why it becomes more important to keep these kitchen cleaning tips handy. You can use them to maintain regular hygiene at your place and to keep your family healthy all the time.

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