About Us

Paving the Way for a Healthy Change!

Our Organic Meal Plans


OMKITCHEN is a product of More Orgo created as a social kitchen with the end-consumer’s health in mind. Conceptualized in 2015, researched on for two years, and tried by over 600 volunteering professionals, OMKITCHEN has become a leading provider of authentic, natural home-style organic meals that help people regain and relish their love for genuine, chemical-free food.

With a seasonal menu of over 100 recipes that alternate quarterly—and the ability to customize individual meals—OMKITCHEN prides itself in direct home or work deliveries for those who value relishing delectable, organic food. OMKITCHEN uses purely organic and residue-free ingredients sourced directly from farmers and organic associations across the country to prepare meals that are made fresh to order by a team of regional cooks who bring their own style and flavor and served in food-grade glass containers.

Our team of culinary experts carefully select seasonal, fresh organic ingredients to create a range and variety of delicious meals. We prepare meals daily for optimum freshness, which means you receive the maximum benefits of organic ingredients.

For those who want more of an experience, or those who want to host delegates in the coziness of their own office, OMKITCHEN also offers a unique real-time experience with deliciously garnished organic meals that are prepared by our cooks and served by our enthusiastic table service team who take immense pride and satisfaction in satisfying the gastronomic delights of customers.

Organic Food and Beverages

Vision & Values

We want people to lead a healthy and holistic life by adopting the traditional practice of eating what our grannies taught us.

Our team is working towards becoming a self-sufficient single point solution from Farm-to-Plate by doing our part: responsible sourcing, healthy cooking, and reliable delivery of authentic organic food and beverages that encourage people toward healthy living by resorting to fresh consumption habits.

Organic Food for Social Cause

Being Socially Responsible

Emboldened by a commitment to a strong social cause, OMKITCHEN is driven by its mission to provide organic meals for cancer patients. Our ethos of social outreach is aimed at promoting a caring affair for those in need. OMKITCHEN welcomes corporations and individuals to contribute in their own way to those needing care by providing OMKITCHEN Organic Meals at highly subsidized prices. We invite you to come together and join us for a common cause of making healthy meals and juices accessible to all.

To partake, all you have to do is adopt a cancer patient around your locality, adopt a malnourished child nearby, or adopt a family going to bed on an empty stomach. Call us and we’ll get the food delivered in your name. We will also feature your initiative on our website and social media platforms.