Is Your Workplace Re-opening? Here’s How You Can Prepare To Go Back To Work

Posted: 6 Jul, 2021 Contributor: Rashi Chaudhary

Almost every household has suffered in the second coronavirus wave. The chaos of death and panic was so much that several states had to go under complete lockdown once again to curb the spread of the virus. Many of the offices that have already re-opened had to shut down again to safeguard the health of their employees and prevent the disease from spreading.   

Fortunately, at the moment the situation is getting a little better with the decrease in the number of COVID positive cases and death rate as well. As lockdown restrictions are lifted, many workplaces are planning to re-open to ease back into the “new normal” life after the horrific second wave.

While many of you might be excited to get back to work after a long period of working from home, most of you must be anxious to return to work. So, if you are told to get back to work and it’s making you worried, here we are listing some important ways through which you can mentally prepare yourself. Hope it helps to minimize your stress and you will adapt to it as quickly as possible!

Acknowledge Your Feelings

More than a year of working from home is a long period, so it’s okay to feel worried and stressed when you are asked to get back to work. You are not alone to feel overwhelmed. Just don’t hide your feelings, in fact, share them with your friend, family, or your HR/manager to lower down stress levels. Talking your heart out can be a great idea to have a smooth transition to work. Give it a shot, you will definitely feel better!

Get Back To The Old Routine

Remote working has been one of the great decisions to ensure businesses keep running while the employees stay safe at home. However, the work from culture has made a lot of us lazier. We have stopped waking up early, we keep sitting in the same position for hours, and our sleeping schedule is messed up already. As we plan to head back to work, we need to ease back into our old routine of waking up earlier and have a good night sleep to keep the energy and mood levels high. We need to be more active and prioritize our health more in order to slowly get back to our old routine.

Decide How You Will Commute

In order to make the morning a lot less stressful, plan ahead for how you are commuting to work. If you are the one who used public transport, then it can be a cause of concern because now you don’t want to travel in such transports being so close to other people. Therefore, plan accordingly. If possible, consider taking a cab or share drive with your friend while maintaining physical distancing and adhering to other COVID-19 precautionary measures.

Get in Touch With HR

In order to safeguard the health of the employees, organizations are coming up with many safety and hygiene guidelines to follow at the workplace. It’s a better idea to communicate with the concerned person of your organization and stay updated about their safety plan so that you can stay calm while you reach the office because you are already familiar with the policy changes. The new changes might also excite you, you never know!

Eat Nutritious Diet

What you eat can play a big role in how you feel. It’s crucial to pay attention to what you eat while you are tense. Eating a healthy, fresh, and chemical-free diet can make it easier to feel stress and anxiety-free. Eat homemade food fresh food that offers stress relief. If you are staying away from home, choose a healthy tiffin & corporate catering service like OMKITCHEN that serves absolutely delicious, fresh, and home-style organic meals at genuine prices across Delhi/NCR on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Focus On Personal Safety

Besides workplace safety, you also need to stay alert and follow every Covid-19 precautions to keep yourself and your surroundings safe. Wear a mask, carry sanitizer, maintain physical distance, avoid eating together with colleagues and so on. Review your workplace health and safety protocols. Talk to your organization if you feel that they are not taking reasonable steps to reduce the risk for employees.

Final Thoughts

Sooner or later everyone of us will be returning to our respective offices which implies that you need to learn how to cope with the emotional stress of working from the office after a long time. Undoubtedly things will be different at the workplace, however, through the tips shared above you will gradually adapt to it without impacting your mental health. Would love to know how you are getting over such stressful times!

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