Summer Diet Tips: Diet Mistakes to Avoid During This Season

Posted: 15 Mar, 2022 Contributor: Rashi Chaudhary

The hottest time of the year is upon us! Like many of you, summer is also my favourite season since childhood. This season takes me back to all the summer vacations with my family that I have had. Those beautiful memories are enough to make me a tad bit nostalgic. As I’ve grown up, I definitely wait for the summers to eat mangoes or other juicy fruits, drink refreshing juices, and go to beaches, camping or maybe waterpark. There is something good about this season that brings a lot more fun and joy.

Having said that, we also can’t ignore the extreme summer heat that we have to deal with every day. It affects our work, skin, energy levels, lead to sleep problems and a number of other health-related problems. The diet, in particular, is essential for the proper functioning of the body and a lot of people don’t realise it due to which they face various health problems.

Today, I will be covering nutritional mistakes that usually hinder your path to keep your body functioning well in the hotter days of the year.

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Importance of Diet During Summers

We all have been suggested by elders to drink more water to avoid dehydration and to reach out for lighter foods to stay easy on the stomach. This is the thing about season change. Our body’s nutritional requirement changes as per the change in season. With the temperature soaring upwards, we tend to feel exhausted, dehydrated, and some also suffer from skin allergies. That is why people are advised to take off their diet and intake diet that helps to keep the body cool and energy levels high.

Now that you know the importance, let’s move forward to know the mistakes to avoid so that you stay alert and achieve a healthy body & mind.

Drinking Carbonated Sodas or Energy Drinks

We feel more thirsty in summer due to the constant loss of water through sweating. To quench the thirst, a lot of people reach out for sugary drinks like carbonated sodas or energy drinks that are full of excessive sugar which might give an energy boost for sometime but soon results in sugar crash and make you feel more lethargic or tired. They are not the right drinks to beat the summer heat.  As per a study, the presence of caffeine in a few of such drinks also increases the risk of dehydration.

If you are looking out for ways to stay hydrated other than water, then consider fresh cold-pressed juices, homemade buttermilk, coconut water, aam panna, lemon water or jaljeera to serve the purpose. Watery fruits like watermelon or muskmelon are also delicious thirst-quenchers.

Following Fad Diets

As soon the summer arrives, you may be tempted or pushed to work for the “Summer body” that everyone talks about. The fad diets like Paleo or Juice cleanse can also put you in danger. Following a certain type of diet without any medical supervision should be a Big No. Don’t fall into the prey of achieving a certain body type instead follow a healthy diet.

And, I don’t mean anything fancy by adhering to a healthy diet. You just need to eat homely healthy meals on a regular basis that contains varied seasonal veggies and you’re good to go. You can also opt for an organic tiffin service brand like OMKITCHEN that serves lip-smacking organic meals across Delhi/NCR.

Eating Deep-fried & Oily Food

There are some foods that help to lower the body temperature during summers while there are others that does the opposite, and oily food falls under such criteria. Consuming oily food causes bloating. The scorching heat is enough to affect our skin. Hoping on fried foods worsens the situation by irritating the skin that leads to acne, pimples, and other skin problems. It will make you sweat and dehydrate more. So, stay away from such oily fare. Swap out high-fat, spicy, and sugary food for cold soups, fresh veggies, and fruits to keep cool and stay healthy.

Sipping On Chilled Water

Our body craves drinking chilled icy water, especially when we step into the house after exposing to the extreme heat. A chilled glass of water might give you relief but the sudden shift of body temperature is enough to make you fall sick and cause problems like sore throat, or digestive problems. It is advised to wait for sometime so that your body naturally adjusts to the temperature of the house before drinking water. Also, try RO or matka water instead of the fridge water. Don’t neglect water intake.

Consuming Alcohol

Last but not the least, drinking too much alcohol is dangerous for your health despite the season. In summers, it will leave you to feel sweatier, hotter, and extremely dehydrated. It is a vicious circle, that might make you feel good but eventually results in life-threatening issues in the long run. Try to cut down the intake to stay super-healthy physically and mentally.

Final Thoughts

Summer health problems like nausea, headache, and dehydration are common, all you need is to include summer friendly nutritional food in your diet so that you get enough nutritional requirements crucial for your body and enjoy summer with no health-related worries. Besides this, work out, protect your skin, take a healthy homely diet, to make yourself summer ready. Hope you have a wonderful Summer!

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