Do You Want to Improve Your Heart Health? Add Spices to Your Diet

Posted: 14 Apr, 2021 Contributor: Rashi Chaudhary

It’s not good if you are taking your heart for granted. The heart is one of the most essential organs of the entire bodily system. Our heart has powerful functions that keep our body operating. Because it does a lot of work, it is very important to keep our hearts healthy.

If you are following a sedentary lifestyle, eating unhealthy food, and engaged in harmful behaviours like smoking, you are neglecting your heart health and increasing the chances of heart issues. Therefore, the first step in keeping your heart healthy is by eating a healthy diet and following a regular workout routine.

Many people also tend to incorporate natural remedies into their lifestyle and diets to improve their heart health and prevent the chance of heart attacks and strokes. Since you are here, today we will be talking about one of the most essential ingredients in Indian cooking called “Spices”. Spices do more than simply spice up your meal, they boost your heart health, too. Keep reading to explore such powerful spices that give your heart the natural boost:


Consuming garlic is a tasty way to support your heart health. Since long ago, garlic has been associated with heart-health benefits. In fact, it is the most loved natural remedy out of all. High blood pressure and high cholesterol level are linked to heart stroke. Therefore, it is advised to eat garlic regularly to lower high blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, eventually helping to prevent heart issues. If it seems challenging to eat raw garlic because of the unpleasant aftertaste and bad breath, try cooking your food using this powerful antioxidant to change the aroma of the food and gain maximum health benefits.


Everybody loves the fresh and strong flavor of ginger. Chai seems incomplete without adding “Adrak” to it, do you agree? Well, you will be pleased to know that this popular ingredient in tea has a lot to offer besides being a flavour enhancer. As per an article published on healthline, ginger can lead to a significant reduction in cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is linked to an increased risk of heart diseases. Some studies also suggest that eating ginger in any form helps in reducing blood pressure and improving liver functions that pave the way for boosting heart health. You can incorporate ginger into your diet by drinking ginger tea, adding it to a meal to add extra spice and flavour, or simply drink ginger water to reap the many benefits while keeping hydrated.


Turmeric is found in every household. This bright yellow spice is a staple in Indian foods and offers various benefits. Curcumin, the natural antioxidant that gives turmeric its yellow colour, is associated with lowering bad cholesterol levels thus reducing the risk of developing heart diseases. You can easily add turmeric into your diet in various ways like adding to vegetables, soups, tea, hot drinks, and more to maintain heart health and have a stronger gut system, which is extremely important to stay protected from any illness or germs.


Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices, and it is great for various breakfast foods like oatmeal, cereal, salad, tea, or coffee. Due to its delightful and distinct flavour, it enhances the taste of many meals. There are proven benefits revealing eating cinnamon regularly can prevent heart diseases. Other than this, if you are looking for a healthier sugar substitute, then cinnamon is an ideal option to satisfy your sweet tooth to reduce refined-sugar intake. All things considered, it is a great addition to your daily diet due to its varied medicinal benefits.


Cardamon, also known as Elaichi, is one of the most valued spices across the nation that is commonly used in tea and many recipes and dishes as a flavouring agent. People also use it as a mouth freshener to eliminate d of bad breath. From improving digestive issues and curing cough and cold to supporting weight loss and boosting blood circulation, regular intake of cardamom can be helpful for maintaining a healthy heart by keeping blood pressure steady and balancing cholesterol levels. Due to the presence of antioxidants, it also protects cells from free radicals which helps lower the chance of many heart problems.

Final Takeaway

There is more to the spices shared above besides simply enhancing the flavour of food. For this reason, look to add these spices to your diet to minimize the risk of heart issues and promote good heart health. Always keep in mind that healthy eating is the first step towards a healthier heart, followed by exercise. So, enjoy a nutritious diet by eating local and chemical-free food and spices and adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep your body running at an optimal level, while naturally minimizing health risks and reversing any potential damage already done.

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