6 Ways to Stay Healthy During Monsoon

Posted: 27 Aug, 2020 Contributor: Shraddha Thakur

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The ever-spinning wheel of seasons in India has reached the moist and rainy time of the monsoon. While the season can be appreciated that it brings relief against the scorching summer heat, along comes a range of health issues people will need to protect themselves from.

With peoples’ immunity already down from the rainy season with colds, allergies and infections, they also need to be aware of monsoon becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitos are a leading cause of disease and infection in India’s population, so it’s very important to remember to get periodic health check-ups to keep yourself and others safe. There's a lot to learn on how to stay healthy and protect our bodies during this season, but first, we must learn why our immune systems lower and how our bodies are affected.

Why Do We Easily Fall Sick in Monsoon?

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A lot of heavily populated areas in India like Mumbai and neighbouring cities receive heavy rainfalls during Monsoon. For many other places within the subcontinent, floors can turn into large natural disasters, submerging towns and people’s homes such as in Mawsynram and Assam located at the northeastern tip of India. It’s also common during monsoon to have a weak immune system from the increase in contaminated water, so be cautious of the water that you drink.

So if it’s not people’s homes being destroyed, worrying about drinking water, work ethic begins to fall from the overbearing humidity. The most air in general makes it easier for bacteria to thrive and travel resulting in sickness during these months. Overall, having a weaker immune system and catching a cold is nothing to lose sleep over. On the extreme hand, flooded places become a flourishing breeding-ground for mosquitoes which can spread diseases like malaria and chikungunya.

How to Stay Healthy During Monsoon?

Is there any way to stay healthy during monsoon? it’s as easy as standing next to someone while they sneeze for you to potentially catch those same germs. From the list below, learn some tips on how to keep yourself safe and healthy to the best of your abilities:

1. Stay Away From Water Contamination

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Do not take any risks with the water that you drink. Again, be wary that water is one of the easiest ways to contract a disease or infection-causing bacteria. Statistics show that about 70% of India’s water is undrinkable. If you are not boiling your water to clear it from bacteria, be sure to have an operating water-purifier.

2. Load Yourself Up with Probiotics

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Make sure to consume foods rich in probiotics. At a time where your immune system is low, adding foods that are rich in probiotics such as yogurt, tempeh, kimchi, and miso is a step to take care during monsoon. This might also be good time to skip over eating raw foods that could be carrying bacteria such as sushi and tartar.

3. Prevention of the Herbal Way

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Try taking a natural route to stay healthy during monsoon. Herbal teas, neem leaves, supplements, and trying bitter foods can help boost your immune system. Honey is a wonderful way to support your immune system; try adding it to your tea in the morning or sweeten up a piece of toast with a honey spread.

4. Avoid Street Food

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Indians love their street food but be cautious the next time you order pani-puri or chat and whatnot. It is possible street food contains disease-causing organisms if not washed properly. Do your research to find hygienic and high-quality food sources before letting yourself get sick by eating the wrong thing.

5. Clean Your Clothes

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Strangely, ironing clothes may help protect you from fungi and molds during this moist season. If not with an iron, you can create a paste with lemon and salt to spread over your clothes before washing and drying. Keep in mind, fungus loves cotton, so try your best to wear other alternatives.

6. Take All the Precautions Against Mosquitoes

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Not only during Monsoon, you should be taking the risk of mosquito infection seriously. There are at least 10 mosquito-borne diseases present worldwide with the number growing. Although there are only vaccines as of now combating against yellow fever, take the right precautions when leaving your home throughout this rainy season. 


Monsoon is rough on everyone so remember you are not alone during this rainy season. If not reminding yourself, remind loved ones to get their regular health check-ups and boost their immune system through healthy foods.

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