From Farm to Plate – OMDAIRY’s A2 Gir Cow Buttermilk (Masala Chaas)

Posted: 8 Jun, 2023 Contributor: Admin

Noida, June 2023: With the continuous desire to become a self-sufficient single point solution from Farm-to-Plate model by doing responsible sourcing, healthy cooking, and reliable delivery of authentic organic food and beverage, our parent company More Orgo Pvt. Ltd. has stepped into another venture called OMDAIRY to support this mission of encouraging people lead a healthy lifestyle.

Their mission is to provide fresh and pure A2 Gir Cow Milk and dairy products in a society where milk adulteration is extremely common so that customers lead a healthy and happy life by consuming milk and milk products which are free from chemicals but full of nutrition.

With their latest product in line- A2 Gir Cow Buttermilk, their aim is to bring a convenient ready-to-drink beverage which is pure, refreshing and helps to maintain cool from the scorching heat of the summer.

We all know that Buttermilk has been the traditional drink for years. It has been highly consumed during the hot days of the year because of its ultimate cooling property that gives a relieved feeling afterward. It is a refreshing amalgamation made with Yoghurt and water that is a bit sour in taste, thin in consistency, and tastes so good.

It is the ultimate healthy drink that is not just refreshing but a great source to help maintain the electrolyte balance of the body, which is extremely crucial in the summer. Besides this, Buttermilk is great to strengthen immunity, gives glowing skin, enhances bowel movements, improve metabolism, regulate high cholesterol levels, aids in weight loss etc, only if it’s free from chemicals.

In the hustle bustle of daily life, it does get difficult to take out time for hand churning the curd to prepare buttermilk at home. On the other hand, the canned buttermilk available in the market is majorly infused with chemicals and additives to preserve the taste and increase the shelf-life. But, this is not a safe choice to consume.

For this reason, OMDAIRY introduced A2 Gir Cow Buttermilk which is fresh, healthy, and filled with nutrients up to the brim. Prepared using the traditional Bilona method, it is a refreshingly nutritious mix of A2 Buttermilk with mint leaves, roasted cumin seeds powder, black pepper powder, and a pinch of black salt that elevates the taste to a whole new level.

OMDAIRY A2 Buttermilk is for those who value the importance of drinking PURE and refreshing beverages that not just taste good but is also chemical-free and provide adequate health benefits to maintain the well-functioning of the body. 

To know more, you can visit or Call / WhatsApp us at 8882210294

Disclaimer: Buttermilk is not an alternative to water but a healthy addition that can be consumed alongside water to maintain the electrolyte balance of the body with a handful of advantages mentioned above.

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