OMKITCHEN, A Home-Style Organic Meal Provider, Launches a Range of “Pure Sweets” in Time for Diwali

Posted: 10 Oct, 2022 Contributor: Admin

Noida, October 2022: The beginning of the festive season comes with the challenge of finding pure traditional Indian sweets because the market is overflowing with adulterated sweets full of toxic chemicals, especially during festival times. To solve this challenging situation and offer a variety of delectable sweets, OMKITCHEN brings you a wide range of freshly prepared 'Pure Sweets' made using the finest ingredients and only organic, sulphur-free sugar or natural sugar like- jaggery, dates, and figs.

Sweets traditionally known as ‘Mithai’ are a treasured part of the festivals across India. No celebrations or auspicious occasions are complete without devouring the delectable Indian sweets. Not just for the sake of satisfying the sweet tooth, but sweets also because of their significance with positivity and good luck.

With Diwali being around the corner, the team at OMKITCHEN has created delicious mouth-watering sweets available for health-conscious, diabetic, lactose-intolerant, kids and people who are fond of sweets that are made with traditional home-style techniques.

With the festive season lined up, adulterated and unhealthy sweets are readily available in the market. Everyone knows that there will be raids across the country like every year against these ingredients and sweets being sold in the name of Festivity. Diwali is a festival of celebration, not stressing over finding an authentic sweets brand. This has pushed OMKICTHEN to make 100% pure and tasty organic sweets available for everyone.

Their commitment to encouraging people to follow healthy eating has finally expanded to decadent sweet treats. The brand offers several sweets to cater to the needs of all. They also make custom-made sweets to mark several specific festivities like Gujiya for Holi, Modak for Ganesh Chaturthi or Panjiri for Krishna Janmashtami.

Here are some of the many OMKITCHEN’s sweets made with A2 cow milk and supreme ingredients and only available in Delhi and NCR:

  • Mix Dry Fruits Barfi: Perfect for those who are diabetic or health conscious sweet lovers or who completely want to avoid processed sugar
  • Kaju Katli: Must-have on Diwali
  • Badam Barfi- Brimming with the goodness of Mamra Almonds
  • Kaju Anjeer Barfi- A tasty blend of Kaju & Anjeer that is too good to miss
  • Kaju Pista Roll- Pistachios rolled with cashews
  • Coconut Barfi- Perfect for all the Coconut lovers
  • Besan Ke Ladoo- Delicious ladoos just like your granny used to make back at home
  • Besan Barfi- The evergreen barfi that is enjoyed by all
  • Imarti – Great taste and best for every occasion 

When we talk about the ingredients, the quality they use is unmatchable. For example, Cashew W180, Kishori Pistachios, Afghani Anjeer, Mamra Almonds, and 99.99% Silver coating/Chandi Vark which they get from their goldsmith to ensure no trace of mixing.

According to the OMKICTHEN team, "We never stock ingredients or sweets. We are a freshly made-to-order brand. The organic ingredients are also chemically tested before use. We never sacrifice quality. That's why we deliver the sweets within 2-3 working days to ensure the right taste and quality rather than compromising this crucial factor"

The team of OMKITCHEN is committed to bringing healthy change to the community. Offering chemical-free or PURE sweets is one such step to ensure everybody can satisfy their sweet tooth guilt-free with better taste and quality.

Your search for finding a pure, tasty, and authentic sweet brand ends here at OMKITCHEN! Welcome the festival of light this year with their special range of sweets without putting you at any health risk.

To place your online order, visit: or give them a call at 8882210294

Wishing you pure happiness this festive season with OMKITCHEN's 'Pure Sweets'.

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